Ukotini Snow Foam Car Shampoo up to 100:1 Dilution rate


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Non Caustic pH Neutral
ukotini use the finest quality ingredients to create Snow Foam Car Shampoo – an affordable yet high grade product.
Creating a powerful rich foam, includes high grade polymers and detergents to wash your car without risking scratches whilst removing unsightly marks and grime
Ukotini Snow Foam Car Shampoo is created in such a way that the product clings to the surface, allowing easier cleaning of your vehicle.
Creating a Rich foam, which creeps into crevices and expand, helping lift the dirt away from the surface
Give any stubborn areas a bit of a helping hand by agitating with a sponge.

pH Neutral Product which is completely Non caustic and fully biodegradable – safe on all surfaces including vinyl decals

Covering Motor Vehicle, Farming, Boating, Cleaning & Industrial Applications – the Ultra Range is a highly effective cleaning product.

Available in many fragrances – with the most popular being APPLE, CHERRY and ORANGE
• Snow foam is designed to be used as a secondary pre wash, following the application of TFR Traffic Film Remover
• Safe for use to clean every inch of your car including wheels, windows and mirrors
• Also containing an added liquid wax to make rinsing easier whilst adding to an excellent finish when dried
Our Ukotini Snow Foam is suitable for use with all lances and pressure washer systems.
For best results a user must use a lance with a flow setting and agitator which ensures the foam produced is as thick as possible.
Applied using our recommended method of Hand Pump Sprayer will achieve a much thicker foam
Recommended Directions for Best Results:
• Using a Hand Pump Spray Bottle – add 80% – 90% water to your unit, then top up to 100% with the Snow Foam solution
• Making sure the unit is fully closed, pump a few times to build up some initial pressure
• Apply the solution to the vehicle surface, re pumping the unit when necessary to gain a continual flow
• Allow the foam to work for at least a minute so prior to agitating the surface with a suitable sponge from top to bottom in order to remove excess dirt and debris
• Rinse the vehicle well from top to bottom with fresh clean water – preferably via a spray lance – or using a bucket is fine too
• Dry the vehicle well using a suitable high quality chamois – because this leaves a great streak free finish
Hand Pump Spray Application Method
Directions for Lance method:
• Set up your pressure washer and lance as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
• Experiment with the different settings on your lance and with the dilution rate to find your ideal level of foam. (Upon test the standard flow rate of water through your pressure washer (under 1.8bar) works best – along with using the vertical direction on the nozzle (closed) along with the liquid flow rate adjuster turned to the maximum, but this can vary from lance to lance)
• The amount of rich thick foam will also depend on your mix, for best results it is recommended to use a 3:1 mix with water and snow foam but again this varies depending on your settings, pressure washer and the temperature of the water.
Pressure Washer with Lance Method

Basic Product uses:
• Cars
• Caravans
• Wagons
• Bikes
• Industrial Vehicles
In Conclusion this is one of the best value high grade products available

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500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre


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