3 x 100ml Bottle Ukotini Clean & Clear Glasses/Device Cleaner

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Ukotini Clean and Clear
Cleans glasses, phones, tablets, tv screens, monitors, laptops,binoculars , rifle scopes, jewellery (gold, silver, platinum, diamonds) and much more!

How to use:
1. Holding the bottle two inches away, spray both sides of both lenses
2. Work Ukotini into your lenses on both sides using your fingers to check for small particles of anything sharp. If you do find anything sharp (ie grit), simply wash from lenses using Ukotini
3. Get a soft tissue or your usual glasses cloth and wipe solution away from the lenses in one direction as the video demonstrates on our How To Use page

Do not spray in eyes
Not to be used with contact lenses

3 reviews for 3 x 100ml Bottle Ukotini Clean & Clear Glasses/Device Cleaner

  1. Jamie

    Does what it says on the bottle 😃

  2. Andy

    This stuff is MIRACULOUS!! I have HD vision all the time. I am so glad to have finally found a solution I can use. I am hypersensitive and my skin reacts to most things so with Ukotini having no alcohol or nasty chemicals I no longer struggle. It helps that it works great on mirrors, Television screens and there are never any streaks smears or wipe lines, I can use it on my jewellery too it’s fine on my skin. Literally the only cleaning product for glasses I have found that I do not have a reaction to. Thanks ukotini.

  3. uluuvofigo

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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