Ukotini Power wash



This solution is a powerful general purpose cleaner which is a de greaser specialist. The product is designed to remove all types of grease and grime from virtually any surface, although we always advise customers to test a small area first so they can see the effects before applying to an entire area. Whether it is relating to vehicles, home, outdoor or industrial cleaning, this product can do it.
This product removes grease and grime. It can be used for a number of applications. These have included cleaning kitchen surfaces, floors, general surfaces, Kevlar Armour, bike exteriors, metals and brass.
Instructions for use:
This product can be applied using a spray bottle or wiped on with a cloth. Apply via small quantities to see how much product is required to break down the dirt. Use a rubbing action and the cleaning technology will work away the grime and grease, breaking it down and reducing it. Simply wipe off any residue from the product. Avoid leaving the product as residue to set on a surface. Wipe in or wipe off the any remaining product.


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