Ukotini Premium Descaler


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Ukotini Scale Buster Descaler 

The Ukotini Scale Buster Descaler will remove limescale build up from any surface!

We have listed the most popular applications for the product below:


  • Fill the lid of a small container with the Ukotini Scale Buster Descaler and hold to the tap nozzle until you are satisfied that all of the build up has dissolved.


  • Half fill kettle with water and boil. Once boiled, unplug the kettle and place in an empty bowl or the sink. Use 50ml of Ukotini Scale Buster Descaler per 1L of water and leave for 10 minutes.
  • If any scale remains, reheat solution until it fizzes (but DO NOT boil).
  • Pour used solution away &rinse kettle with cold water, boil again with clean water and then rinse once more.


  • Half fill water reservoir with water and add 25ml of the Ukotini Scale Buster Descaler.
  • Switch machine on and allow about half of the solution to filter through before switching the unit off.
  • After 10 minutes has elapsed, switch the machine back on to filter through remainder of solution.
  • Empty the water and solution down the sink before running the machine through twice with clean water.


Check manufacturer’s instructions before use as some manufacturers may advise against using descaling products.

  • Heat iron until it is hot and then unplug. Please ensure that the iron is switched off during descaling. Put around 10ml of Ukotini Scale Buster Descaler into a jug and pour into the iron’s water chamber.
  • Top up with water and set to steam position but DO NOT turn iron back on.
  • Place the iron into an empty plastic bowl with the warm plate facing down. Shake gently until the solution begins to drain through steam holes. Leave for 10 minutes (or until empty). If the iron has a spray button, briefly pump any remaining solution through.
  • Rinse the iron thoroughly with cold water, drain and leave to dry. To ensure solution is completely cleaned from iron, briefly iron a spare piece of fabric before you next use the iron on clothes.

Keep out of reach of children

In case of accidental contact with eyes or skin wash immediately with plenty of water & if necessary consult a specialist.


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