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Sunbeds are a potential breeding ground for infections and bacteria. This is because they are usually self-contained units, with air conditioning and multi users.

In order to keep your clients safe; it’s advisable to clean and sanitise equipment throughout the day and always after use.

Keeping a clean and fresh-smelling environment is a top priority for sunbed facilities.

In order to protect clients and members from bacteria and germs that are rampant in these environments.

Simply apply to the surface to be cleaned, wiping away dust, dirt, grime and body fats.

It is fully suitable for use on not only sunbed equipment; but it is also able to be used on washrooms, work surfaces and even food prep areas. It is a wonderful multi surface cleaner.

Our sunbed Disinfectant removes 99.99% of germs – including MRSA and viruses. This product can be left to dry naturally; without requiring any further rinsing. With an amazing Lemon Citrus Fragrance; this product leaves a refreshing scent. Alongside this it can be diluted as much as 50:1 whilst still achieving the same germ killing properties

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